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29. September 2019

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There are quilt tops, where you can not wait, that they are ready to quilt on the Longarm. The quilt of Nicole by #quilt_nini is definitely one of them. The quilt is a veritable explosion of color and provides a good mood just by looking at it. Meant is the quilt “Postcards from Sweden”. The pattern can be downloaded here for free .

Looking for a matching quilt pattern I had, as so often, several times at this top “pass”. In the weid of the Internet, you will find some ready quilted “Postcardsfromsweden”. These are usually horizontal or vertical lines or waves. Or the oblique seams were quilted once more in the ditch. However, I always had the feeling when looking at it, that you should choose a pattern, which does justice to this gigantic colorfulness. I just remembered the pattern “Raindrops on water” by one , a game with circles, where you could think, the colors are catapulted into space. Fortunately, Nicole has chosen this pattern!

Here you can see very well the multicolor thread look at the closer .

In combination with the desired from her Multicolor thread a true showpiece has arisen!

I wish you many colorful hours!

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