Quilting with the Longarm

A Longarm quilting machine is a sewing machine equipped with a free moving arm in order to create quilts of bigger sizes.. With the help of a maschine slide, it is mounted on a frame. The frame of this longarm has an overall width of 3.60 m. Three individual rolls are located on this frame, on which the top, the batting and the back side of the quilt are attached to. The quilt must not exceed a maximum width of 2.80 m. The simple thread guiding system, a digital thread tension control and last but not least the Stitch Regulator ensure perfect and precise stitches.

Also belonging to my Bernina Longarm is a Bernina Q-matic. This is a computer program, specially developed for the longarm. It offers a variety of more than 230 quilting designs. Additionally, by another 350 quilt patterns the related software "Art & Stitch " supplements the selection. Next to an equal stitch pattern, the Q-matic offers many other advantages. For example. Pantograph patterns can be individualised in size and distance. Own patterns can be digitized and with the help of the Q-matic can be transferred on the quilt. Now, there are companies from the US, who specialised in digitizing of quilt patterns. Those quilt designs can be integrated into my pattern line-up without any problems and are available for quilting.

With Free Motion or Allover quilting. one chosen pattern is spread evenly (free-handed or with the help of the Q-matic) on the quilt. This can either be a Pantograph pattern or a Meandering pattern. Quilting is called Custom Quilting, if the quilt pattern is aligned to the individual blocks of the quilt top. Using this technique, those blocks are more or less underlined intensively. Even here, the Q-matic comes in handy with a variety of existing patterns. Rulerwork, simplified, is quilting with rulers. Usually, this is a very complex and time consuming way of designing a quilt . From individual blocks to borders, up to complete quilts, rulers can be used versatilely.

Contact Me!

Either personally, by phone or by mail, contact me. Schedule an appointment or send me your quilt top to. Together, we will discuss your personal wishes. You´ll receive a detailed quote promptly. After you place your order, I will finish your quilt as soon as possible. Click here to go to contact page.

Preparations for quilting

  • Please remove any loose threads on the front of the top. If the quilt top is made out of light fabrics, also remove any loose threads located on the back . Otherwise, those will be visible after quilting.
  • Please remove all selvages.
  • All seams of the top must be closed till the edge. In order to prevent the top from opening up, it is possible to straight stitch closely along the fabric edge of the top (This seam will disappear under the Binding afterwards.).
  • Please, straighten the quilt top, the batting and the backing fabric rectangular. This means, that the opposed sides are equally long and run parallel to each other, the edges should meet each other in a right angle.

  • It is important, that the top is ironed carefully. If it is possible, do not iron seam allowances.
  • Iron the backside of the quilt, especially if it is patched, carefully.
  • The batting and the backing fabric must be 10 cm longer than the top on each side.
  • Top, batting and backing do not staple or glue.
  • Backs made of stretchy fabrics, like Fleece, Minky, Flannel or something similar I only accept after prior consultation.
  • If I´m responsible for the binding, please enclose enough fabric for the binding.

Since the Longarm is working with a high sewing speed, the yarn is under high stress. I mainly work with Amann yarn (Isacord), Madeira, Aurifil, Superior and Glide. Yarn supplied by the customer is only processed after consulting.

If you are sending the quilt, please , choose a bigger cardbox. I would like to use your box for return shipment. And a finished quilt simply needs more space!

And an important note for all allergy sufferers: In my everyday life I´m accompanied by an Entlebucher Mountain Dog.

Prices and terms of payment

The presented prices are to be understood as guideline numbers. You will receive your individual offer.

Stretching the quilt on the Longarm:

Quilts with a width up to 2 m
15 €
Quilts with a width over 2 m
20 €
Aligning the quilt for borders
15 €
Stapling the quilt in preparation for quilting by hand (price includes yarn)
15 €/m²

Quiltpatterns (based on density and complexity of the chosen pattern):

Allover Quilting, Pantograhp or Free Motion
starting from 35 €/m²
Custom Quilting
starting from 45 €/m²
starting from 65 €/m²


Only sew front side (by machine)
4 €/m
Completely (including backside by hand)
12 €/m
Yarn based on actual consumption
starting from 8 €

If you need additional batting or backing fabrics , please, contact me. The resulting costs will be stated individually.

For additional work such as ironing or straightening the top, batting or backing fabric or arranging the backing fabric. I will ask for 20 €/hour depending on the overall . expenditure.

The invoice amount is due. before collection or shipment of the finished quilt. The quilt will be shipped after the payment has been received. The costs for shipping (insured shipment only) shall be borne by the customer.

According to §19 paragraph 1 UStG VAT is not shown separately because of the exemption for small businesses.

Contact Me!

Either personally, by phone or by mail, contact me. Schedule an appointment or send me your quilt top to. Together, we will discuss your personal wishes. You´ll receive a detailed quote promptly. After you place your order, I will finish your quilt as soon as possible.

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