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(This post contains unpaid advertising) And it's almost over again , the summer. The temperatures are more bearable and there is a little rain every now and then, which nature gratefully accepts. My sewing machine has seldom stood still in the past few weeks. Many individual quilt blocks were created. And also on my long arm […]

1. September 2020

(This post contains unpaid advertising) When sorting my own supplies it happens to me every now and then, that I find this and that, of which I mean, not owning it. As the “Pinapple Trim Tool” by Creative Grids USA. I had never sewed a pineapple block before. And I was always of the opinion, that he […]

20. July 2020

(This post contains unpaid advertising) I have to admit: sewing by hand is definitely not one of my preferences. And that's how I try to bind quilts, who don't leave my house, to do with the sewing machine. One disadvantage is, that the back usually doesn't look so nice and even, the oil […]

14. May 2020

(This post contains unpaid advertising) In the past few months, some quilts have bounced off my longarm. Somehow one quilt has replaced the next, so I neglected it, to report about it. But I will make up for that now. Also, lean back and let the pictures take effect. Here is a selection… It started […]

29. April 2020

(This post contains unpaid advertising) The past few weeks have been a bit quiet on my blog. But that does not mean, that my hobby was completely at rest. On the contrary: I was able to complete some tops for beautiful quilts, Pillows have found their new owners and of course sewing masks has not been neglected. […]

15. April 2020

Exactly. Today is my birthday. And so I want to make you a small gift. The top one (or more) finished quilts and threatens, out of whichever reasons, UFO than to disappear in a box / cabinet? That must not be! Today I start a birthday discount promotion! In any pantograph your choice you get 15% Discount. How […]

2. March 2020

Getting Started with Foundation Paper Piecing (This post includes unpaid advertising) in early January had our group, the Rosesquilter from Zweibrücken, had a a joint sewing weekend. I have used this day, under the expert guidance of Nicole, sewing on paper, Foundation Paper Piecing, to learn. For a long time I avoided this type of sewing, […]

29. January 2020

(This post includes unpaid advertising) Also, when the New Year a few days old, I hope so, that you are good acceded. And of course I wish you for 2020 all the best, a lot of health and a big helping of luck! And a lot of time for the best hobby of the world – Sewing and Quilting. So […]

18. January 2020

(This post includes unpaid advertising) have ... under the needle of my Longarm “placed” and asked for a facelift: The “Posh Santa” by “Sew Kind of Wonderful”. Every single quilt has a size of 28″ x 38″ and the instructions can be downloaded here: www.sewkindofwonderful.com. Even with these two gentlemen I have all at my […]

24. December 2019

(This post includes unpaid advertising) The stars and the trees are quickly sewn together to form a small Top. Now it applies, to find the right quilting for me. The trees and the stars, I will emphasize with Rulers and fill the remaining surfaces with a Freemotion Quilting . I work almost exclusively with the Rulers of Amanda Murphy. They are […]

6. December 2019

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