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...... you know it all: They come in beautiful colors and different materials. They let us realise our small and large sewing projects and give each quilt his own charm.. But woe to those, who´ve already been processed and their cut of rests reach the ground. Those are the small, mean threads on the floor, who will surely stick to your trousers and won´t miss an opportunity, to leave with you the house and present themselves to the public.

Exactly such cut threads with me now my whole life: Our mother at home contributed to sew to support the family. And who, it there was a small amount of time, she crafted the most stunning things out of plain frabrics. Reaching my twenties, I was gifted my first sewing machine. From this moment on, I more or less started to sew, at the beginning just for me, and later for the whole family.

In the last years, I managed to find time and space for my old hobby. Searching throught the internet to find new interesting projects, I stumbled over "patchwork". And you know, how this ends: Once you have, in many small parts, and, sew them back together, you´re infected with a virus, which is hard to get rid of. On the contrary. You start to develop a "fabric-addiction", that you only can suppress, if you intentionally ignore fabric stores, -markets and -fairs. And that is extremely difficult.

I´m very passionate about quilting. If you combine a, with diligence manufactured,sewed quilt top throught well-thought-throught, occasionally colorful threads with batting and quilt back, small and big pieces of art are being created, that not just warm yourselve on cold days, but delight your soul. In the long-term, quilting on a traditional sewing machine can be very strenuous for the shoulders. Three layers of fabric want to be moved back and forth constantly. So it was only a matter of time, until the beginning of this year a Bernina Longarm Q24 and Qmatic (computer-controlled quilting) moved into our house.

......... And who are we? I'm Ines and looking forward, that you stumbled over my blog. As for patchwork and quilting with the Bernina Longarm Q24, I am an autodidact. With every other project I learn new techniques, I get excited about every successful stepon my journey and consider every failure as a challenge. This journey, is what I would like to report about on my blog. I´m looking foward, to welcome you as a regular reader.

And Maggie? Maggie is an Entlebucher mountain dog and for more than seven years, a unique member of our family, for more than seven years now.

Often found with colorful threads on her black fur ...

Maggie and Me

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