He has come to life…

20. October 2019

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At the beginning of the week I was allowed to put a top on my Longarm, at the mere sight of it my quilting heart began to jump: the “Jungleabstractionslion” according to the pattern of Violet Craft, sewn by Nicole. Here https://www.violetcraft.com the the pattern can be purchased.

The lion is sewn on paper (Paper Piecing). This means, generously cut pieces of fabric are sewn on paper along a printed line. The advantages to the classig edge to edge are to sew, that can be sewn very accurately. Small pieces, round parts, long and slim points can be sewn easily . One of my next blog posts will deal with this topic. You may be curious!

Nicole left the choice of quilt pattern to me. When she handed me her sewn top, but I knew immediately, this will be a Rulerwork (quilting with rulers). In the first step, I focused on the face of the lion. Starting in the middle I quilted outwards step by step.

Then I quilted the area around the eyes and forehead.

Then I quilted the following lion´s mane freehand. Only in the four outer corners of the quilt I reached for a ruler again, in order to, with a simple Rulerpattern, “tame the mane”.

Yes, and that came out:

You could think so, he has come to life!

Somehow I will not let go of the feeling, that these eyes are watching me…

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