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4. February 2021

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Also, if it's been a little quiet on my block lately, that's not what it means, that nothing happened. On the contrary. Like you in my quilt gallery / can see, I was allowed to finish many of your quilts. But there is some other news! So let's start from the beginning:

My husband gave me the software over a year ago “EQ8” given. You can use it to make your own quilting blocks, yes whole quilts, design yourself! But I had persistently left this program in its packaging and initially only looked at it from the outside. for whatever reason… Then at the end of last year the opportunity came, to study this program in more detail. (You can find more information here

EQ8 first steps

I am a member of a group of women who are enthusiastic about sewing and call themselves the #may_bee. We belong to the “NewbieBEEgermany”, a joint sewing campaign, which Christina started. You can find out more about it here.

We are 12 Women, as many months as the year has. Every month the queen bee is different and can stand out from the remaining 11 Women want a sewn block. I thought back and forth for a long time, what my girls could sew for me. Then came “EQ8” in the game.

Winter time… What is there, at least less and less in our latitudes? I agree! Snow! Snowflakes! I got four snowflakes on the screen and showed them to my girls. They were enthusiastic and immediately there! So it was called for me, sew the snowflakes sample and write four instructions. Said. Done. I named the snowflakes after the winter months:

“Snowflake December”

Snowflake December

“Snowflake January”

“Snowflake February”

And who “Snowflake March”:

All four snowflakes are designed as foundation paper piecing blocks. Which of you the “Snowflake March” would like to sew, takes place in the Rubrik Free Patterns a free sewing instruction. The pattern does not contain any instructions for the Foundation Paper Piecing method!

Almost all the sewn blocks of my hard-working bees have reached me. As soon as I put the top together, I'll show you here!

Of course, it didn't stop with the snowflakes. Looking for a little sewing project for Valentine's Day, I ended up in front of the screen again. Whatever, but with the storm and continuous rain, which currently determine our weather, this little pattern came out:

I call it “An Email For You”. The pattern for this block is also a foundation paper piecing block.

The creativity of my last few weeks made me decide, to publish my instructions. That's why I have on the platform “Etsy” opened a small shop. If you want, you can buy my instructions here. Via my website or this link you can get to my shop. Just stop by!

And these will certainly not be my only instructions…

Happy sewing and see you soon!


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